testimonials from some of our top campus reps

Being a rep for beardedgoat has been so sick...They give lots of potential perks for you and people you know, showing they care for those they know, sort of like a family aspect. All the material is super high quality so I really love being involved with beardedgoat and looking forward to continuing to rep them and look for more opportunities for them in the future!
— Robert Grissom, University of Tennessee
beardedgoat has given me another way to push myself outside of my box by having to talk to different people about the products and figuring out the best ways to get them out in the world as well as something to fill the competitive void in my heart. I’m looking at you 4Ways x 4Days. Being a campus rep has also given me a killer wardrobe and a group of very outgoing, supportive people.
— Leah Hook, University of Arkansas
beardedgoat for me has been a way for me to connect to people in Stillwater that are passionate about two things – adventuring and being dang comfortable when they do it. I’ve loved getting to share about a company that has just as many great people running it as they do incredible products that allow people to live in comfort while looking amazing.
— Connor Wilkins, Oklahoma State University
being a rep for beardedgoat has provided me with a great opportunity to enhance my professionalism through management and promotion, while at the same time working with a great group of individuals.
— noah sarkin, University of Kansas


Tips & Tricks


Judd Oefinger, Texas A&M University

“For me and the guys here at A&M we found that the most success came from word of mouth, and getting people to come out and try on the stuff. It’s one thing to see a picture of it, but once we got people to put it on and feel the quality of the clothes, we had a lot more people buy stuff. In the end it comes down to being able to reach as many people as possible.”


Warren Fitzpatrick, Samford University

“I’ve learned that people have a hard time trusting what they can’t physically see, so me wearing the product directly connects them.”


Kade Scott, oklahoma State University

“...I had my friends try on my beardedgoat gear and showed them the Instagram account. Word of mouth was the best way for me to get sales.”


austen jones, university of texas at austin

“My favorite part has definitely been all the good feedback on the clothing. Biggest advice is focus on selling yourself more than the actual product - if people trust you and like you they are more likely to want to buy your stuff.”


JAYCIE STRUNK, university of arkansas

“I think the best thing is to text your friends or always wear the clothes, so you always have the options to tell people! People will never know unless you tell them!!”


Shane Lawson, University of Oklahoma

“What has worked best, for me, has been wearing beardedgoat around my friends and giving them a chance to see how awesome the product is in person.”



Our brand

At beardedgoat, we believe “extreme” is more than just a way to define certain sports. It also describes a way of life and how we’ve chosen to live it - on the water, mountains, roads and trails. Learn more about us on our website.

Our goal

We want to make cool things happen in your life - whether it’s our apparel or unforgettable experiences with your friends.