– What is beardedgoat?

Beardedgoat is for the outdoor athlete. We built our brand for all who want to spend more time on the water, mountains, roads and trails. Our goal is to make cool things happen, and we’re stoked you want to be a part of it.

– What is a campus rep?

Beardedgoat Campus Reps get free apparel, cash (yeah!), and opportunities to go on free trips with their friends. We’re building the biggest Campus Rep program in the country, and we want you to be a part of it. See how it works here.

– How do I get paid?

You can get paid via venmo or squarecash.


The time commitment is whatever you want it to be, but the more time you put in, the more free stuff you get.

– When do the rewards expire?

While our campus rep rewards never expire, the rewards are earned based on each semester’s sales. You can earn Spring incentives from 1/1/19 - 6/1/19 and earn Fall incentives from 9/8/19 - 12/31/19. Make sense? No? Shoot us an email sup@beardedgoat.com. We’ll be happy to explain further. 

- how do i know how many sales my code has made?

We pull sales weekly to check our reps’ status towards your free stuff. We automatically send rewards within 3-5 business days, but if you want to know where you’re at. You can chat us on this site or send an email to sup@beardedgoat.com.

– What all do I have to do?

Wear our stuff and look tight (we’d also love your help on promotions, sharing new products that arrive, and telling all your friends about Beardedgoat).

– What’s in it for me?

  • free merch, cash, and trips

  • sneak peeks at beardedgoat product release

  • help design our next season’s product 

  • every Campus Rep will have their own “Profile” on our website

  • you get to be on the ground floor of the biggest campus rep program in the nation

– Is this legit? What’s the catch?

Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonials from last semester’s reps here. No catches!

– how will i communicate with beardedgoat or other reps?

For now email and groupme. Once you are activated, we’ll toss you in a groupme with all the other reps at your school. We’re currently developing a mobile App to make things much easier - coming Fall 2019.


– How soon will I receive my rewards after reaching my goals?

Once you have reached each goal, your packages will be shipped out within 3-5 business days. It usually takes our friends at USPS 3-5 business days to deliver our rep packages.

– How long do I get to be a campus rep?

As long as your .edu email works. AKA – until you enter the real world.  

– What if I have friends that want to be reps?

Text them this link.

– How will I know when I hit my goals?

Our team pulls online orders data daily and will reach out to you personally whenever you hit your sales/referral goals.

– What if I was already a rep?

1. You rock, thanks! 2. Welcome to the (new) family, you’re already on board. 


– How much will this cost me?

Exactly $0.00. 

– How do I know if there are other reps at my school?

Check out Rep Profiles Page or look through your school groupme.

– Who can I sell to?

Friends, family, professors, grammas, strangers, dogs, waitresses…anyone.

– If I’m having trouble with my code, who do I contact?

Shoot an email to sup@beardedgoat.com

– I have questions and the answer isn’t on this FAQ page.

Shoot an email to sup@beardedgoat.com and we’ll make sure to answer any questions you have.

– Can my code be used with other promotions?

That’d be tight, but nah.

– Where do I sign up?

Right here.

– What if i’m in high school

You can still sign up! We’re working on a modified incentive structure for you young bulls. Standy.