we’re building the largest campus rep team in the country, and we want you to be a part of it.




How it works:

We want to make cool things happen in your life. That’s why our Reps get free merch, cash, and trips with their friends when they spread the word about beardedgoat. That’s what being a Campus Rep is about. Check out the rewards below…


The more orders that come through with your unique 15% off discount code, the more free stuff you get. Just make sure they put in your code at checkout. As soon as your code reaches the following sales totals, we’ll get your free merch in the mail!

  • When your code hits $50 get one of our signature bamboo shirts of your choice for FREE

  • When your code hits $200 get the Go Time Kit for FREE

  • When your code hits $500 we'll ship you 1 bottom + 1 top + 1 hat of your choice for FREE

  • When your code hits $1,000 you will earn everything above + get 1 ticket to Austin City Limits 2019 for FREE

  • When your code hits $5,000 we’ll send you + 2 friends to one of these locations for a 3 night stay*:

    • Vail, CO

    • Sedona, AZ

    • Lake Powell, AZ

    • New York City, NY

  • When your code hits $10,000 (still working on the details here - will update ASAP)**


Part of the fun is doing this (and competing) with your friends. Get them to sign up as reps too and you'll start getting some free stuff + cash money***. Just make sure they put your name as a referral on the sign up form.

  • 5 referrals = free graphic tee

  • 10 referrals = $50

  • 25 referrals = $250

*reward includes lodging only in the location of your choice - just gotta get yourself there

**reward includes airfare + lodging at the Inertia Surf House in the Canary Islands

***a referral is considered valid only after we speak with your friends and they get approved as a beardedgoat rep.

make sense?

Still have questions?

Email us at sup@beardedgoat.com